Obsessions Of The Heart
    Weird shit happens
    Mulder: Aliens
    Scully: No
    Mulder: Bigfoot
    Scully: No
    Mulder: Mermaids
    Scully: No
    Mulder: Magic
    Scully: No
    Mulder: Did I mention aliens?
    Scully: Yes
    Mulder: Aliens?
    Scully: No
    Mulder: Fine, what do you think?
    Scully: Science
    Mulder: No
    They finally get to the bottom of what happened.
    Scully: Science?
    Mulder: No... Aliens
    End Credits: Executive Producer - Chris Carter


scully’s pained face when mulder talks about aliens is what I live for


do you ever just wear headphones so people won’t talk to you

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